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Established Walking Group gets on the right track

Established Walking Group gets on the right track

Jan 8, 2015

In January 2014 learningSkills received a request from a group of enthusiastic walkers who wanted to improve their map reading and navigation skills. The group leader had seen our Map Reading and Countryside Walking course advertised and asked if they could join. After liaising with the group, Tutor Pete Hutchinson designed a bespoke course that exactly fitted their needs. The group of learners were delighted with the results of their learning and thanked learningSkills and their tutor for the new knowledge and skills. LearningSkills was delighted to receive the following feedback from three group members:

“At last I am free to roam alone and I can explore some of wonderful countryside the UK has to offer.”

“I can finally read a map and compass- I no longer have to rely on my friend to do it for me.”

“I feel really confident about going out on my own without the worry of getting lost.”

Civic Walking Club Orienteering Group

The learners are now putting their new found skills to the test. We haven’t found any of them wandering around the countryside so Pete’s hard work must have paid off!

Delighted tutor Tutor Pete Hutchinson was really pleased with the progress of the group, he said; “Members of the ‘Civic Walking Club’ really excelled in their learning with commitment and enthusiasm  ensuring the class was a pleasure to teach. Individual progress was made from beginner to advanced level making the course an outstanding learning experience. Well done to all!”

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