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GCSE Maths – 86% gain Exam Success

GCSE Maths – 86% gain Exam Success

Oct 21, 2015

GCSE Class Group 7 people 3 sitting 4 standing This year the Skills For Life team began delivering GCSEs in maths. The course was led by Sarah Richardson who created new and invigorating resources to support the class and in June seven learners completed the exam. The learners had various reasons for completing the course, from needing it to succeed at work, to not having enjoyed maths in the school environment. We are very proud of the initial results. Six learners achieved a C grade and one learner achieved an E and it was evident that all learners had progressed on their GCSE journey. The Skills For Life Team are increasing thier GCSE delivery this year with the role out of GCSE English from September 2015 with Lisa Nicolson. Contact us 0n 0191 4338646

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