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Counselling learners move on…..

Excellent news from last terms L3 Counselling group as 4 of our students have gone on to further academic study in Counselling:

The students collectively feedback: “Having enjoyed the challenge of studying Level 2 and Level 3 in Counselling Skills with Gateshead learningSkills in the last academic year we are delighted to have been accepted to study counselling  at degree level”

Learners said:councill

” The tutor was extremely supportive”

” The course gave me a new start… And a belief in myself.  I now know that I can actually have a rewarding and fulfilling career”

“I wouldn’t be here now without this course…and the support of all of the people in it”

“As the youngest member,(17years)I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have developed so much and am very excited about the future”

Geraldine Beaney the counselling tutor spoke to us saying:

“This year has been a fantastic year with students not only learning good counselling skills but also realising great personal development. It has been humbling for me to facilitate their personal growth of “Self” and I wish all of my students great success in all that they do”

News of the courses success has led to increased the number of Students to 52 for this year, spread across three classes


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