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Fast Track to GCSE Maths Success

Fast Track to GCSE Maths Success

Dec 17, 2015


You can achieve your GCSE in Maths! learningSkills will give you the support you need to achieve this qualification, and we will subsidise the cost.

The GCSE qualification is valued by employers and is often a prerequisite into Further and Higher Education. We foster success in those who have struggled in the past.

Our fast-track programme starts in January and runs for 16 weeks at the Dryden Centre. Places subject to assessment and prerequisite qualifications.



Telephone 0191-4338750


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  1. Shelly Henderson /


    I would like to give my positive feedback with regards to my experience of completing my English language GCSE.

    I am 41 years of age and at school it wasn’t a very good experience, also due to poor teaching skills and the teachers strikes in 1991, I didn’t fail my GCSE’S, I just got low grades for them.

    I have thankfully have had great jobs throughout my life as I …may of fiddled my results on my CV throughout the years which has served me well in the past, tut tut. As so did lots of people.

    Now I am a mum of two boys, and looking to be back into the working world after being “a stay at home mum”, I have decided to become an Early Years Educator Level 3, and that requires A-C in Maths & English. This is the requirements nowadays for most jobs I have now discovered and at 41… I was gutted I didn’t have the grades.

    The thought of doing my exams again made me feel sick, I said to myself I am not doing my GCSE’S AGAIN….. NO WAY! but then I thought about it and thought well, I will be so chuffed if I got the grades now and be so proud, and it would be a great help to my boys for when they start to study for their GCSE’s.

    So I went along to the english assessment with Lisa Nicholson who instantly put me at ease as she seen my scared face and my shaking hands. School had put the fear of learning in to me and i just thought….what am i doing…..anyway I got into my classes and found weirdly that I was loving it, I was feeling so much better about learning and that it wasn’t at all like school. I met good friends too and we all worked as a team.

    Lisa was very down to earth in the classroom, she shown positivity to everyone no matter what, her encouragement and support was brilliant and made us all feel good about ourselves. She explained the techniques in ways that was clear and to the point and if we didn’t understand, she would explain it again and again until we all got it, which worked!

    I have just done my English Language GCSE exam and passed with a “B”grade!!!!!!

    I still cannot believe it…. a B! I am so proud of myself and I now help my 7 yr old boy with his ‘Alliteration’s, and verbs & nouns etc”. I didn’t even know before course what an Alliteration was.

    What a feeling and what an experience! Lisa has been the best teacher, It’s down to her teaching and my working hard that has got me passed.

    I am now doing my GCSE Maths! which I know I got an ‘F’ grade in at school so… fingers crossed with hard work I get a C or above for that too.

    Please can this comment make it’s way to the correct person to acknowledge my feedback.

    Thanks you so much.

    Shelly Henderson.
    07956 947 600. Mobile.

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