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Engica champions Gateshead learningSkills

Engica champions Gateshead learningSkills

Mar 30, 2016

Engica Apprentices2

Leading business champions Gateshead learningSkills

A leading software solutions company, celebrating 35 years in business, have thanked Gateshead Council learningSkills for playing a huge part in their long term vision.

Engica Technology, based in Newcastle with an office in Houston, USA, deliver systems that enable work to be carried out safely to blue chip companies across the world at over 300 sites in 40 countries.  Since 2011, Engica have employed 14 apprentices, seven of which have gone on to become full time employees of the company.  Engica currently have 5 apprentices in various roles within the company all at different stages of their training apprenticeship.

Gateshead Council learningSkills are the leading local authority for direct delivery of apprenticeships in the North East and specialise in eight vocational areas.

Managing Director Peter Strassheim said: “Employing apprentices through Gateshead Council learningSkills, has helped us remain competitive and cost effective.  The apprentices have helped our business grow by allowing us to allocate work more efficiently and improve our response times when reacting to customers enquiries. They have brought new ideas and experiences which continue to strengthen us and they are considered as much a part of our team as any other member of staff.”

Engica Head of Projects, Chris Dougal said: “Gateshead Council learningSkills have been invaluable in the recruitment process and support of the apprenticeship program here at Engica. As an SME, we have little spare resource to provide a ‘teacher-led’ environment and because of our business, have exacting criteria for the selection process of our apprentices. LearningSkills have worked with us to make sure only apprentices of a high calibre, who match our high expectations, are invited for interview which reduces the time and resource needed during the recruitment process.”

If you wish to employ an apprentice in your business, and apply for a £1500 grant, please contact Crystal Walls on 0191 433 8727 or email apprenticeships@gateshead.gov.uk

Aprentices featured in the photo from left to right are Brooke Gellately, Holly Byrne. Caitlin Stewart and Joe Wilkinson

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